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Let It Pass - Live at Old School Studios

recorded live straight onto tape no post production

21st march 2013

Demo for new tunes for EP 'Like Willie Nelson would say'

phases and stages just like willie nelson would day, circles and cycles that get tighter everyday… the love that you give is what you shall receive, i couldn’t be mistaken and i hope that you forgive….. because love is such a fragile piece, one little knock and it will kick you in the teeth, the thing we wound up with is not the love we had, but you needn’t feel sorry, no, and you needn’t feel bad.

First sunshines of the year?! beautiful! Lots of things, new EP’s, New Tunes, new drummers, new love, new shoots, new leaves, new smoke. A Love for the atomic, subatomic and inter-galactic force of all things. Wee Three who see the Deep

When Christianity was legalized by Roman Emperor Constantine, the Christian Saints were no longer prosecuted. To prove their dedication to faith they found a new way to suffer, Asceticism. Soon this practice got really out off hand and people would come up with ever less comfortable ways of existence. Starving and suffering, they could go for hours, or even days without the normal signs of life. Dead to the world they lived in God. Saints became like athletes of Christ and in this passage I read the most stunning account yet, that there were even hermits who grazed like sheep. The golden age of grazers was the 6th century, when people ate grass all their lives at the coasts of the Red Sea.



New EP from blues-based sleepytime treats The Grazing Saints - name your price download at their bandcamp.


the cities are toxic

dont you feel noxious

and our bodies are changing

fuelled by waves of radiation

and this infernal combustion engine

is choking us up

and clouding our eyes.

but the glow from my smoke,

lights my proximity

and im in love

with a holy divinity

Like job, burdened, with an undeservedly heavy load.

and what will you do when you’re older?

will you take the time to romance her

or will you grow colder

and wear your heart like a boulder.

is that how it goes?

A dog and the deep, a clown and a thief.

and theres the holy diver

between a joker and a liar

but now im all alone, so ill get higher

theres not another living soul

just this fire